Water Vortex Magnetizer – Water Structuring & Energizing

What is Vortex Magnetizer?

The Water Vortex Magnetizer is designed with twelve or six very strong Neodymium magnets precisely arranged in a dodecagon shape around the vortex of water generating a strong magnetic field’ purifying and structuring the water as it passes. Instantly the water becomes and tastes softer.
The molecular clusters are broken into individual molecules and as a result they are better absorbed by the human body.


How does Vortex Magnetizer work?

Water is energized by movement and by turbulence. When water moves, it  naturally spirals, breaking away from each obstacle with a spin (vortex).  Spinning ions (charged particles) within the water create tiny magnetic fields that push other ions away, keeping them separate and more biologically available. As water spirals through the field-reversing array of the Vortex Magnetizer, groupings of unorganized water molecules break apart and realign again and again, generating the repeating matrix known as structured/liquid crystalline water. Each time the water spins through the magnetic array, a greater degree of coherence is established. When the water stops, the geometric pattern (water’s organized molecular structure) remains. A variety of light and sound energies (vibrations) will amplify the structure-generating process. The presence of field-reversing magnetic energy also takes many ormus elements to a higher spin state.

How to use Vortex Magnetizer?

1. Take two containers (for example, two bottles of 1 liter): one with water, one empty.

2. Attach the magnetic funnel on the container with water.

3. Attach an empty container on the other side of the magnetic funnel.

4. Turn the construction upside down and make three circular clockwise and three anticlockwise rotation to create a vortex.

5. After pouring repeat the procedure again 2-3 times more.



Benefits of Structured Water:

Because of the many roles water and hydration influences the whole body, Structured Water is said to bring many benefits including:

• Higher Energy Levels
• Digestion Regularity
• Enzymes that help with Nutrient Absorption
• Greater Ability to Sleep Well
• Better Respiration
• Weight Control
• Joint Health
• Concentration / Focus
• Positive Moods
• Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels
• Stronger Endurance
• Kidney and Liver Health
• Hydration
• Your hair and skin benefit greatly from proper hydration.
• Beautifying yourself by staying hydrated and drinking Structured Water daily.
• Nourishing
• Science suggest that drinking structured water is good for your health because it replenishes the same ‘phase’ of water already present within your cells.
• Detoxifying
• Science tells us cells are the first line of defense against disease.
• Structured Water helps charge cells with the energy they need to flush toxins and waste.

Video explanation of Water Vortex Magnetizer